Bitget Is Officially Recruiting Copy Traders Worldwide

3 min readJul 9, 2021

Bitget Global Users:

To better develop Bitget’s copy trading products, Bitget is launching a copy trader recruitment program in July 2021 to recruit global trading experts. If you are a professional trader with good trading strategies, we welcome you to join us.

Bitget One-click Copy Trade

Bitget One-click Copy Trade provides contract copy traders and followers with the most user-friendly, simple, and transparent trading experience, and maximizes profits to achieve a win-win situation for both copy traders and followers.

Bitget CopyTrade: World’s Largest Crypto Copy Trading Platform

  1. World’s largest crypto copy trading platform with thousands of copy traders providing thousands of trading strategies, makes it easier for novice users to get started and make profits easily.
  2. Better regulatory compliance. Bitget holds compliance licenses from multiple countries and has not received any supervision and review by any country.
  3. For contract trading, Bitget has a lower taker fee and follower transaction fee, which makes it more competitive to other platforms.

Join Bitget Copy Trading for a Brighter Trading Career

Platform Benefits

High Reward — Up to【200USDT】trial fund

2. Super High Rebate — Up to【50% futures fee rebate

3. Copy Trading Profits — Copy traders will get【10% Copy trading carry

4. Event Support — Copy trader’s new followers will be able to get【5USDT】trial fund for free + 【up to 50USDT & up to 99BGB】registration reward

Bitget Offers Endorsements for Copy Traders

  1. Offer the top newly joined copy traders the publicity and exposure on our official website, App, community, and SNS. With Bitget’s industry position, copy traders will be promoted globally to attract more copy trading followers.
  2. Bitget regularly organizes exclusive AMA and lectures on copy trading every week. High-quality copy traders will be invited as guests to share their successful trading experiences. At the same time, copy traders and their followers will have the opportunity to enjoy Bitget’s various benefits.

Bitget Launched Copy Trader Referral Plan with Considerable Rewards

At the same time, Bitget will also launch promotional activities for copy traders and provide super-high benefits. Copy traders can recommend their friends to sign up for Bitget’s copy trading program, and once they are approved and start their trading, the referrer copy trader will enjoy the corresponding referral rewards.

Diversified Campaigns for Copy Traders

Bitget will launch a variety activities for copy traders, such as trade sharing, performance sharing, copying trading strategies sharing, copy trader sharing on social media sharing session, etc., and provide generous rewards to outstanding copy traders.

Be Part Of Bitget And Become A Celebrity Copy Trader

Bitget aims at providing the traffic pool for elite copy traders to incubate their potential fans and get recognized by their loyal followers as return.

Join Us

Fill out the Google application form and submit your relevant information.

If you meet the requirements, we will contact you within 1 working day. Thank you for your support towards Bitget!

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