Bitget Weekly Report on One-click Copy Trade (September 13-September 19)

1 min readSep 19, 2021

The recruitment of copy trading has been consistent overheating since the day It is announced. And we’ve received around 53 applications from experienced traders worldwide this week. It is for sure along with the onboarding of these top traders, we will see fresh force in Bitget copy trader database that will bring strong trading strategies to all the followers to generate profits painlessly.

Here are some of our top trader profiles this week:

🌟 Lee Tian Than

Country: Singapore

Trading Experience: 6Years

Winning Ratio: 89%

Trading Specialty: Day Trade

🌟 Trần Thanh Tuân

Country: Vietnam

Trading Experience: 3 Years

Winning Ratio: 69%

Trading Specialty: Swing Trade

🌟Huỳnh Quốc Hải

Country: Vietnam

Trading Experience: 5Years

Winning Ratio: 73%

Trading Specialty: Day Trade

Bitget team expresses its sincere gratitude for the constant support from all the copy traders, and is dedicated to keeping moving to offer the best-ever products, versatile features, and best user experience.

Once again thank you for your constant support and trust in Bitget!

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