Celebrating National Business women’s week with Bitget!!

Gender gap in business settings has long been an issue for women in their professional careers. One of a statistic that was used in the Wall Street Journal is that according to a 2018 study from the University of Wisconsin examined the propensity to ask for salary bumps among 4,600 employees across 800 Australian workplaces and found no gender difference, but men who asked got raises 20% of the time compared with 15% of women. Moreover, when the news team replicated this survey among 2,000 graduates of an elite U.S. business school and found that a greater proportion of women than men (64% to 59%) asked for raises and promotions, but they were turned down twice as often. The above number shows the real situation of our current workplace environment still has much to improve from.

Therefore, breaking the glass ceiling for women and creating a friendly and inclusive workplace for women has become a crucial value for our company. We believe that women have equal opportunities to put their talent in use and possibly maximize each employee’s potential. From the first day being at Bitget, I have noticed that a lot of our leadership roles are women, and they all shine at each of their positions to make sure the company runs smoothly. They are now some of my best role models who inspired the best out of me and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone continually everyday at work.

During the National Business women’s week, I want to share with all of our readers about some of the things we do here at Bitget to make sure all of our female employees are taken care of. As we are an international corporation and have people working from all over the world and in a lot of the places, our employees work fully remote from wherever they are. This opened up doors for women who demand flexible working hours to balance between family and their professional career. Especially during the time of a pandemic, more women are likely to leave their jobs to do more for the family and we believe that as a world-leading business in the industry, we have a responsibility to make sure all of our employees are working under an environment that is comfortable for every employee in the most efficiency way possible.

Here at Bitget, one of the biggest reason that we are loved by many of our customers is the copy trading feature, which allow people to copy others, who have greater experience in crypto trading, to avoid the mistake they can face and to have have their first success as they enter the world of crypto trading. It is a great opportunity for people such as busy business women, to minimize their risk and hopefully by doing so, we can take a part of making the gender gap smaller!

read more: Bitget Copy-trading 101 (for copiers)




Bitget was established in 2018 and is located in Singapore, it’s a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and ranks top 5 worldwide.

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Bitget was established in 2018 and is located in Singapore, it’s a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and ranks top 5 worldwide.

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